if you ever find the thing that you lack

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nowthedrugs-dontwork said: we do :( boo whats wrong?

wheres your chargerr? i posted something on facebook which was supposed to be a text. utterly humiliating for both me and chris and i’m scared to go out or see anyone i know! however, i do want to go to godalming tomorrow cause models own have this really sexy nail varnish i have to get. oh the simple things that excite me :P i’ll be with chris but do you wanna jam for a bit? we have ‘candy’ ;) can go to jack phils if the weathers shite :)

- by tomorrow, i mean today. wow didn’t realise it was almost 6 :| we’ll probs be going to godderz around 4/5

suicide and wrist cutting jokes are NOT funny in any circumstance

reblog this if you know someone who has either
cut themselves
committed suicide
attempted suicide
suffered/s from depression

or if you have
attempted suicide
cut your self
suffered from depression

the mental state that someone must be in to want to end their life is extremely serious and is very frightening for those who care about them,
this message needs to be broadcast for the world to see and know

I don’t know how someone could not reblog this.

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I’m so tired I feel high. Couldn’t sleep at all last night and barely any the night before, now I can’t sleep again. Like my mind is just blank, my brain has been replaced with air and I can’t feel anything, including tiredness. But at the same time I’m definitely tired because I feel like this.

I am now under 8 stone and I haven’t been under 8 stone since I was like 12, 6 years ago. I used to try hard to lose weight unhealthily, but lost about a stone and a half and it never went past 8st3. This time I wasn’t even trying, I’ve been eating what I like and when I feel like it. This is a good feeling :) I’m still too big but this is a milestone. I’ll probably wake up a million stone but whatever, I actually am under 8 stone! Yay.